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Since 1982, HOJA has been a leading provider of frying lines and processes, known for their exceptional quality and flexibility. With decades of industry experience, HOJA has continuously refined their offerings to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

HOJA frying lines stand out due to their extensive combination options. The systems are designed to be modular and adaptable, enabling customers to customize and expand their lines as needed. This flexibility is essential, as HOJA recognizes that business requirements can change over time, and their solutions are designed to grow alongside their customers' businesses.

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Frying and cooking

Experience complete flexibility in frying your products, whether it's a meatball, fish fillet, or pancake. HOJA frying lines are designed to meet your specific needs, with capacities ranging from 40 kg/h up to 1500 kg/h. They bring restaurant-quality, appearance and taste and unique roast aromas to your products.

Discover fully automated frying on cast-iron pans, all proudly "Made in Germany." HOJA frying lines offer superior performance and reliability, thanks to the use of high-quality materials and precise engineering.

Achieve high product yields, thanks to fast surface sealing. This ensures that your product retains its moisture and flavor.


The compressed air-operated HOJA multi-head portioners with 3, 4, 5 or 6 portioning heads provide maximum convenience when portioning sauces, salads, dough, and more.

No unnecessary electrics, but with the most robust technology. And thanks to the simple modular principle, HOJA portioners can be combined and expanded in many ways.

The simple modular principle allows a wide range of possible combinations with other HOJA systems – right up to a fully automated portioning line.