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ProTek Systems offers you the best service for continuous production. Our dedicated team will assist you in all aspects to ensure that your production equipment runs smoothly.

  • Maintenance
  • Technical service
  • Production optimization
  • Application consulting
  • Spare parts supply
  • Training
  • Machine demonstration


Our trained technicians provide preventive regular maintenance of your machines to ensure their continued operation. Maintenance intervals are determined individually based on the stresses placed on your machines to ensure optimal performance.

Once maintenance is complete, we recommend a half-day production escort the following day. This monitoring allows us to further improve your company's processes and ensure continuous optimization.

As part of our comprehensive maintenance services, we also check all relevant machine parts during the process. In this way, potential problems can be identified and eliminated at an early stage to minimize unplanned downtime.


ProTek Systems offers fast and efficient service directly at your site. Our highly qualified technicians are promptly on hand to help you as quickly as possible.

Our well-developed infrastructure allows us to guarantee a fast response time and short travel times. We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to getting your machines back up and running quickly. That's why we send our technicians to you immediately to perform the necessary repairs.

Each of our technicians carries an extensive inventory of spare parts in their service vehicle. This enables us to fix most machine problems directly on site and reduce downtime to an absolute minimum.

The technicians receive continuous training and are in close contact with our suppliers' experts. This enables us to find solutions promptly, even for complex and tricky problems.


Often, established processes in companies are stuck. However, close analysis often reveals opportunities to save money and reduce machine stress. At ProTek Systems, we have experts who specialize in optimizing your production processes and increasing efficiency.

Our team of professionals implement targeted process optimization and machine maintenance measures to improve your operations. In doing so, we always make sure that the quality of your products is not compromised. With in-depth expertise and many years of experience, we support you in strengthening your company's competitiveness.

Rely on our professional expertise to achieve savings while reducing the load on your machinery. Together we work to optimize your production and increase the effectiveness of your business.


As experts in technology and process optimization, we partner with you as you practice your craft. Our many years of experience enable us to work with you to create high-quality products.

By combining our expertise and your expertise in meat processing, we define the most efficient and best processes. With our in-depth knowledge of technology and application, we help you develop outstanding and appealing products.

Our goal is to help you optimize your production processes and achieve the best results. With our application consulting, we offer you customized solutions and support you in raising your production processes to a new level of quality.


Our highly qualified technicians are always mobile and equipped with extensive spare parts to solve customer problems quickly and efficiently. In addition, we have a large stock of relevant spare parts at our main headquarters in Kyiv. 

Rely on our expertise to provide you with a professional and effective service that meets your needs!


The competence of your employees is the key to satisfied customers regarding the use of ProTek Systems machines. Therefore, we place great emphasis on comprehensive on-site training.

Our training covers both technical aspects and production procedures to ensure that your employees are able to use the machines to their full potential. We offer regular and informal "follow-up" training to ensure that your employees are always up to date.

This training plays a critical role as it is instrumental in ensuring that you have low ongoing machine costs. Well-trained employees can identify potential problems and perform maintenance in a timely manner, minimizing the need for expensive spare parts or repairs.