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holac, a company established in 1963, has been a driving force in the field of cutting technology, consistently focused on innovation. They specialise in providing customized cutting solutions and building enduring partnerships with their clients. With expertise spanning various industries, including meat processing, cheese production, fish processing, and vegetable processing, holac offers a wide range of machinery to meet specific cutting needs in each sector.

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Cheese cutter

The cheese cutter product range from holac offers a comprehensive solution for cheese processing needs in various shapes and sizes, from small-scale applications to high-performance industrial operations. The machines are equipped with advanced features to ensure reliable and efficient cheese cutting and shredding.

Strip Cutter

holac offers a range of strip cutters and dicers suitable from small to industrial uses. These machines come with various features such as sealed product loading chambers, advanced technology, versatile cutting options, compact designs, and user-friendly interfaces.

Multipurpose Dicer

holac's versatile dicer range is designed to cater to both smaller businesses and industrial users. It is ideal for processing loose or formed products such as meat, sausage, fish, cheese and other fine products. The dicer range is equipped with several features to enhance its performance and user experience. Some of these features include the THC-system for precise cutting control, a touchscreen interface for easy operation, a two-part heavy-duty grid for efficient cutting, hardened shear edges and product stabilizers for durability and stability during the cutting process.

Slicing Machines

The holac slicing range offered cater to various industries, ranging from small to industrial, and handle a wide range of products such as meat, cheese, fish or plant based products. SECT slicers, bei it with manual or continuous loading are highly flexible and efficient, ensuring optimal cut results and swift product handling after slicing.