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In fast-paced industries like the butcher's trade and meat-processing, efficiency is crucial. MADO understands the need for streamlined processes and optimized workflows. The equipment is designed to enhance productivity, saving time and resources. From innovative meat grinders to state-of-the-art cutting systems, the portfolio of efficient solutions maximize output without compromising on quality.

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Extrusion Grinder

MADO's Extrusion Grinder is a groundbreaking innovation that combines cutting, mixing, and homogenization processes into a single machine. This eliminates the need for multiple machines, reduces capital costs, saves processing time, and eliminates product transfers. For enhanced production results and specialized applications, an optional vacuum device can be added to the Extrusion Grinder. Mixing under vacuum improves protein extraction and reduces product reddening time. Additionally, this machine offers improved hygiene levels and simplifies cleaning procedures, leading to reduced maintenance and manpower requirements. MADO's Extrusion Grinder is a cost-effective solution that streamlines operations and delivers exceptional performance.

Grinders and Mixer Grinders

MADO offers a wide range of meat mincers with varying performance levels, from 100 kg to 36 tons of hourly output. Their practical-oriented manufacturing approach allows them to provide solutions for a variety of applications. All MADO mincers feature the patented mincing system, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and quality. The innovative design of the worm and processing housing, along with other technical features, minimizes thermic stress during the mincing process and preserves the raw material. Additionally, MADO machines are designed with a hygienic focus, including polished welding seams and easy-to-clean surfaces, ensuring optimal cleanliness.

Bowl Cutters

MADO bowl cutters save time and money and allow best results in cutting of high-class products. They have been developed consequently for the varying requirements of the professional producers of meat products.

A multitude of variants for different requirements in trade and industry can be supplied.

Patented, technically mature and extremely robust technique, combined with first-class materials and excellent manufacture, guarantee in each phase optimal working results.

Band Saws

MADO offers band saws that provide effective and consistent cutting solutions for various users in the meat products industry, butcher trade, meat dissecting plants, multiple chain stores, and canteen kitchens. These band saws ensure clean and precise cuts for meat, bones, poultry, fish, and even frozen products. With their extensive experience and advanced technology, MADO guarantees the best work results with their band saws.

MADO offers eight different variants of band saws, providing solutions for every preference and application. All MADO band saws are constructed from high-grade stainless steel, incorporating the latest developments in efficient and hygienic food processing. Regardless of the material being cut, whether it's meat, bone, poultry, or fish, these band saws deliver clean and precise sections.

Safety is a top priority for MADO, and all their band saw models come equipped with necessary safety features. These include a pressure device, vertically adjustable band protection, solenoid-operated door switch, and motor brake. These safety measures ensure the protection of operators and maintain a safe working environment.

MADO's band saws combine reliability, efficiency, and hygiene to meet the cutting needs of various industries. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship and safety makes them a trusted choice for professionals in the meat products industry and related fields.