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G. Mondini is a leading company in the food packaging sector, with a remarkable 50-year history of success and innovation. Over the years, they have established themselves as a leader in the industry, distributing over 16,000 systems worldwide. Their continuous dedication to excellence has earned them a strong reputation and positioned them at the forefront of the food packaging market.

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Tray Sealers

TRAVE® Tray Sealers are designed with the full range of options and capacities that meet the needs and expectations of customer’s requirements.

There are 8 models in the range designed to cover the full range of capacity requirements from 10 packs per minute up to high-speed lines of over 200 ppm.

Fresh Tray Sealer

The TRAVE ® Fresh tray sealer has been redesigned to enhance profitability in the Fresh Produce sector. The updates include increased line speeds, reducing the total cost of ownership, minimizing plastic usage in packaging, and ensuring product protection and freshness throughout the supply chain. These improvements aim to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and support sustainable packaging practices, while maintaining the quality of fresh produce.